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Google Nexus 7


The Google Nexus 7 is a great tablet option for kids.  The Nexus 7 comes loaded with some well-loved Google apps – like Gmail, Chrome, YouTube, Hangouts and Google Now.  With these apps, and many others,  you can browse, watch, share and stay connected wherever you go.

And did you know Google apps are designed for the cloud? Everything is simple and works seamlessly across your phone, tablet and computer. Now you have all the stuff you need, when you need it.

Nexus 7 is one of the first tablets to include Android 4.3.  If you don’t know this is the latest version of the world’s most popular mobile operating systems.  Each person has a separate customizable space, including personal homescreen, wallpaper, apps, storage, and more. So that means you can share your tablet with friends and family.  You can also manage access to apps and content to create an experience that’s appropriate for each member of the family.

Nexus 7 is a great tablet for gaming with favorites like Prince of Persia, Asphalt 8, and Riptide GP 2.  This devices lets you tilt, tap, and touch your way to the top. The Play Games app also lets you track your accomplishments, play with friends and gamers around the world, and discover new games.

In summary, this tablet looks like a good option for kids if you are looking for a Christmas gift for 2014.

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

The Amazon Kindle Fire tablet is one of the best tablets for kids. It goes without saying that the Kindle Fire is an industry leader, and many of its features are useful for kids as well as adults. This tablet can become one of the best gadgets for education and entertainment for children.

kindlefireIn addition to being a new piece of technology, the Kindle Fire HD for kids is promoting reading and literacy. Parental controls make the device a safe, child-friendly tablet.

As you would expect, the touchscreen interface is easy for children to navigate, while the tablet screen is scratch resistant.  Applications include the Amazon Silk Browser, E-Mail, Amazon Instant Video, Amazon Appstore, and Amazon Cloud Drive with unlimited cloud storage for Amazon content.

Amazon’s HD Android tablet can access countless eBooks, video, music, games, apps and web browsing. The price makes it an exceptional choice for kids, teens and tweens. The HD Kindle Fire for children has amazing content for kids. Your child can choose from color eBooks, audio books or music. Watch instant video for TV shows and movies or enjoy games and apps from the Amazon AppStore.

HD Kindle Fire for Accessing Kids Books

Amazon has an enormous library of color eBooks. Stimulate your child’s imagination with over 1000 vibrantly-illustrated children’s e-books, including favorites like Brown Bear, Curious George, and Circus Ship.

Kindle Fire HD for Kids TV Shows and Movies

Access Amazon’s huge library of instant videos with the Kindle Fire HD slate. There are many kids TV shows and movies for babies, toddlers and preschoolers through to tweens and teens. Popular Amazon Instant Videos for kids include Disney, Harry Potter, and Rango.

The third generation Kindle Fire HD tablet computer is perfect for children of all ages – for little kids through to teenagers. The 7 inch tablet for kids is portable, affordable and a great alternative to the iPad. Stimulate your child’s imagination with the Android Kindle Fire HD slate.

Amazon has also introduced the world’s most advanced e-readers, Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Paperwhite 3G.

e-Readers and kids tablet devices are at predicted to be on the list of Hot Christmas Toys of 2014.